Who we are
Settled is a team of committed and curious families and individuals. We have developed our research-based approach of addressing homelessness through close relationships with the chronically homeless and those who serve them.
Stewardship team.
Gabrielle Clowdus, Ph.D.

Gabrielle is a thought-leader in affordable housing and homelessness. She has devoted her life to walking alongside people in poverty, holding a profound conviction that we belong to one another.

Meredith Campbell, J.D.

Meredith has had an important career in advocacy for religious rights and justice. Her ability to assemble strong teams and equip them to accomplish goals is profound, and she does it with kindness and generosity.

Jeff Linert, Ph.D.

As a Product Developer for 3M, Jeff's on-the-go thinking and problem-solving have made him an invaluable servant-leader for Settled. His influence is felt at every level of our organization.

Larry Smith

Larry's extensive background in business management has helped Settled as an organization, but it is his experience of living as an Intentional Neighbor in Community First Village that makes his insights invaluable to our work.

Advisory team.
Janice Rohling

Janice is the Executive Pastor at Woodland Hills Church. Her style of compassionate administration provides Settled with essential wisdom and strategic planning. Her voice is crucial to our mission.

Rose Larson

Rose's pastoral role at Church of the Open Door has been a solid foundation for her work with Settled. She has a unique ability to connect with everyone she meets. Rose's relational guidance and fearless love inspire us all.

Fred Ogimachi

Fred's background in technology has equipped him to see the strengths of our model and identify ways of applying it further and deeper. He has always been willing to help when a need arises and is an eager learner, ever curious.

Design team.
Brandon Overholt

Brandon builds with a strong sense of quality and resourcefulness. This has made every dollar count as we pursue truly affordable housing. His ability to continually make meaningful advancements in materials and methods has been a key for us.

Daniel Williams

Daniel strives to tell the Settled story with conviction and authenticity. From design to filmmaking, his work is deeply personal and relational as he learns alongside the community. He believes the best stories are told from within.

Kara Kinowski

Through Purposeful Workshops, Kara has created a place where skills can be learned, income can be earned, and community can be shared. The handmade products produced and sold are made to artisan quality by our neighbors coming out of homelessness.

Mildred Overholt

One of the most powerful components of Settled is the feeling one gets when stepping into a Sacred Settlement home or Common Home. Mildred furnishes these spaces with practicality, frugality, and warmth.

Community Goods
Clare Tallon Ruen

Clare is full of useful knowledge ranging from herbs to tinctures to handmade goods. She structures Purposeful Workshops to feel real and inviting, full of community building moments! Her peaceful presence has a way of transforming the spaces she's in with warmth and humor.  

Jerri Vogel

For decades Jerri has been learning and exploring new ways of living. She is constantly curious with research in topics ranging from food to housing to health. Her authentic knowledge informs the products we make and the lifestyle we aspire to.

David Vogel

David sees the world on multiple levels. With a background in illustration and fine art his thoughtfulness and humility can be felt in everything he makes. His work helps fill our stories with multiple levels of meaning.

Purposeful Work
Mischa Beary

Mischa is brimming with hope, meeting everyone exactly where they are. She is also a fine artist who's talents span visual and musical mediums. Her work helps to encourage and uncover the talent within each person.

Lesley Hegstrom

Lesley jokes that she's the "bean counter." She provides incredible value for us through accounting, and her friendliness and warmth add such richness to our team.

Jenica  Carlyon

Jenica has an amazing ability to anticipate needs before they even appear to others. Her impact can be felt in the connecting threads that are so important in non-profits our size. And she accomplishes all of it with an inspiring positivity.

Valerie Roy

Valerie brings a confidence and precision to her work, easily adapting to any-task. Her eagerness to help and explore the community itself is inspiring. She is carried by a brilliant sense of humor, and leaves an impression on everyone who knows her.

Subject matter experts.
Street Outreach
Todd Feske

For nearly a decade, Todd has provided necessary supplies and food to people on the streets. He has built profound relationships in the homeless community as a true pioneer, one cold night at a time. Todd is an inspiration to other communities for how to do relational outreach.

Neighbor Care
Andrea Hinderaker

Andrea has spent most of her life seeing and serving the homeless. Her roles have ranged from pastor to shelter director to leading St. Paul's Homeless Assistance Response Team. This vast experience makes her an invaluable resource for Settled.

Property Management
Steve Schroeder

Steve can usually be found at one of our Sacred Settlements. He seems to enjoy being around, tending to the site and its people. In that sense, he's shown us what the lifestyle of Settled is all about: being yourself in the community.

City Regulations
Anne Krisnik

In her decades of service advocating for legislation that benefits faith communities and the cities they support, Anne has done a lot of good in Minnesota. Our entire mission is stronger because she is working behind the scenes to ensure cities are proud of Sacred Settlement developments.

Land Use Law
Eric Galatz, J.D.

As a partner at Stinson Law, Eric has helped us navigate the complex world of zoning and regulations. His steady and patient attention to detail has guided many of our difficult decisions through the years, leading to ground-breaking development.

Larry Ball

As a former aerospace engineer, Larry knows that innovation is difficult because it is so disruptive to the normal ways of thinking. We are happy to have him applying his skills to an innovative alternative to the common toilet.

Lesley Hegstrom

Lesley jokes that she's the "bean counter." She provides incredible value for us through accounting, and her friendliness and warmth add such richness to our team.

Real Estate Law
Mike Hatting, J.D.

Mike, a partner at Best and Flanagan, is a wonderful resource to us in the creative realm of real estate. We aren't doing something that has been done before, that's where Mike comes in and carefully crafts legal documents that make Sacred Settlements an asset to all involved.